Ohio Clinical Trials, Inc. is a clinical research organization staffed with highly experienced and highly trained experts dedicated to serving the pharmaceutical industry. Our 60-bed inpatient facility is run by a board-certified clinical pharmacologist—Glen Apseloff, MD, FCP—with more than twenty years of experience. Dr. Apseloff serves as the principal investigator on every study at Ohio Clinical Trials, Inc., and he specializes in streamlining the design and execution of Phase 1 studies. He has extensive experience in creating and shaping protocols to maximize efficiency and to minimize costs and time lines. He also has expertise in Phase 2 and 3 studies and has access to specialists in a broad range of therapeutic areas.

Ohio Clinical Trials is actively seeking new pharmaceutical clients and welcomes the opportunity to establish long-term professional relationships. In addition to highly trained staff and a well-established, secure facility wired for telemetry, Ohio Clinical Trials offers a full range of services, including project managers, independent certified clinical research associates to monitor sites, an independent medical monitor, medical writers to create everything from case report forms to study reports, and statisticians for data analysis. Our staff also has extensive experience with electronic data capture. At Ohio Clinical Trials, we typically undertake only one or two studies at a time, unlike other large CROs with hundreds of beds, and we make every effort to provide the highest quality product. Let us manage your clinical trials, and you will have rapid and meaningful results from experts who give your projects the personal attention they deserve.